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Inyo Film Journal No. 279 ‘Delusion’ defines trio’s lifestyles as they travel Death Valley

March 5, 2014

“Delusion,” a 1991 thriller filmed in Death Valley, tells the tale of three lost souls crossing paths in the desert on their way to finding themselves. The results aren’t pretty. Photo courtesy

“Delusion” tells the story of an embezzler setting out from Los Angeles with money stolen from his computer company. The business has been gobbled up by a larger company. His latest product, under development for several years, is at the mercy of the new management. He walks into an executive meeting, telling his partners and team that some of them would be retained, and the rest downsized by Christmas. There is the expected defeated silence in the room.
In the next scene he is with a friend from the company in a hot tub. George O’Brien is smoking a cigar among the bubbles, convincing his friend that the manager needs to scalp hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company with his help. He argues that no one will notice in the dust of the chaotic financial takeover under way. He can set up a new company in Reno with the money, using part of his now unemployed team. He intends to complete the development of the security product and get it on the market. The friend tries to dissuade him, pointing out he is breaking the law. Soon, however, he is leaving town, escaping through the desert with a trunk full of money.

Read the full story in the Arts & Leisure section of the Thursday, March 6, 2014 edition of The Inyo Register.

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