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Readers urged to participate in 2nd annual ‘Day in the Life’

July 9, 2014

This coming Monday, July 14, most Inyo County residents will presumably be doing what they always do on Monday: going to work, spending time in the garden, going to the gym, having lunch with the spouse, hitting local trails, catching up on housework, doing the week’s grocery shopping …
Others might be starting or ending a long-awaited vacation, welcoming out-of-town guests, launching a massive home improvement project or floating the Owens River.
Whatever it is – from the seemingly bizarre to the supposedly mundane – The Inyo Register wants to hear about it.
The Register encourages residents to record in words and photographs their activities on Monday and submit them for inclusion in the second annual “A Day in the Life of Inyo County” publication.
As with the inaugural edition, “Day in the Life” is meant to create a colorful portrait of life and living in Inyo County on one particular day in history – something worth saving and looking back on for years to come.
Writing about a single day, or moments in a day, also gives residents an opportunity to briefly reflect on what mattered to them – which interactions brought smiles to their faces; who brightened their day; what they looked forward to the most when they woke up that morning.
And from a reader’s standpoint, “Day in the Life” is a fascinating glimpse into the lives of neighbors, acquaintances and strangers alike. “Reading ‘A Day in the Life’ was like having just friended all these people on Facebook,” Editor Darcy Ellis said of the first annual edition. “It was a pleasure getting to know them a little bit through the descriptions of their daily activities.
“Of all the special products we put out last year – ‘Fishing Guide,’ ‘Best of Inyo,’ the Tri-County Fair tab – ‘A Day in the Life’ was my favorite,” Ellis continued. “It was personal without feeling invasive, charming and heartwarming. And the stories people shared were so different. One woman wrote about spending the day flying back east; another spent the day comforting the beloved family dog in its final 24 hours. An inmate from Inyo County Jail wrote in describing his daily routine. There was the ER nurse who described coming off her graveyard shift to go tend to her plot in the community garden; the woman who hiked Mono Pass Trail on an important milestone; and the local antique car club that met for lunch in Big Pine. It really was a tapestry of life here in the Owens Valley. I just wish we’d had more participation from the South County.”
Publisher Rena Mlodecki is excited for this year’s edition, and encourages everyone and anyone interested to participate.
“We hope readers enjoy this fascinating section and remember to support the advertisers who make it possible,” she said. “It truly is a favorite for many people.”
To participate: 
• Go about your previously scheduled life Monday, July 14 – but take the time to capture a few moments with your camera.
• Sometime between July 14 and July 20, write about what you did that day, or something memorable that happened that day. Keep your story to no more than 300 words.
• Between July 13 and midnight on Sunday, July 20, send your story and photographs to The Inyo Register, by mail to 1180 N. Main St., Ste. 108, Bishop, CA 93514, or by email to
• All submissions must include a photo of the author, in addition to other photos that may be submitted. All photos must be in jpeg format, at least 300 dpi and a minimum of 4x5 inches.
Readers’ submissions will be compiled into a keepsake edition and published as “A Day in the Life of Inyo County,” on Saturday, July 26.
More details, and examples of “Day in the Life” write-ups, can be found on pg. 7.

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