The 47th Bishop Mule Days celebration (Skandar Reid)

Welcome to the 47th Bishop Mule Days celebration, arguably the finest, most fun and unique mule show in the world.
What makes us so special? Bishop, California is located in the picturesque Owens Valley, situated under the 10,000- to 14,000-foot peaks of the White Mountains and Eastern Sierra Nevadas.
During the week leading up to Memorial Day hundreds of competitors and their mules converge on the Tri-County Fairgrounds to compete in over 200 classes, which include English, Western, cow working, roping, driving, chariot speed events, gymkhana, packing competitions, trail classes, dressage, reigning, fun classes, Americana, farm implements, weight pulling, and the interscholastic packing championships. Without a doubt, Bishop Mule Days highlights the talents, endurance and athleticism of the mule and donkey better and more completely than any other mule show on earth.