Big Pine plays a shootout with Westmark

Louis Israel
Staff Writer

The Big Pine Warriors, coming off their first win in a long time, hosted the Westmark Lions on Saturday. The final score was 70-34 Lions.

The Warriors led the game through much of the first half, combating the Lions' size with their own great speed and impressive blocks and tackles. However, just before halftime the Lions took the lead on a kickoff returned for a touchdown to make the score 34-28. In the second half, a combination of Big Pine fumbles and the Lions power running put the game away.

However, in the loss the Warriors' QB Dominic Santiago proved once again to be a brilliant and athletic runner, rushing on both designed keeper plays as well as improvised scrambles, including a fourth down conversion where he ran across the entire width of the field to reverse the defenders and find a hole. He scored multiple touchdowns including a zig-zagging 34-yard run to the end zone which amazed the crowd.