Bishop Paiute Tribe Administrative Office temporarily closes again

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For the third time this year, the Bishop Paiute Tribal Offices will be closed to the public in order to protect the health and safety of tribal members and employees, the Bishop Paiute Tribe announced Monday.
This closure is effective immediately. The tribal administration expects to re-open to the public on Jan. 4. The tribal council and tribal administration will be communicating with one another daily and will be continuing to update the public with any changes as they occur.
The date of re-opening and returning to work may be changed in the near future as the tribe follows public health recommendations. All construction projects will continue.
Although the offices will be closed, the tribal administration is not completely shutting down, according to the tribe. While the tribal offices are closed, staff will be available to continue essential services. All Bishop Paiute staff who are able to telework are encouraged to do so.
The casino management and the tribe are monitoring the local situation, as well as the actions of other California Tribes daily and are prepared to take further action if deemed necessary by the Bishop Paiute Tribal Council.
Below is a list of departmental phone numbers the public may use to contact each department. Any departments not shown can be contacted by calling the main office and asking the receptionist.
Main office/administration: (760) 873-3584
Tribal Historic Preservation Office: (760) 873-8726
Family Formation: (760) 873-4473
KBPT Radio – (760) 920-7319
Wellness Canter – (760) 784-9686
Cultural Center – (760) 873-8844
Human Resources – (760) 784-9692
Fiscal Offices – (760) 873-3577
Tribal Court – (760) 784-9581
Police Department – (760) 873-4477
Elders Department – (760) 873-3052
Environmental Management Office – (760) 873-3584
Education Center – (760) 873-5740
Social Services – (760) 873-4144
ICWA Services – (760) 873-7799
RAVE (Relief After Violent Encounters) – (760) 873-9018
Public Works – (760) 873-6638
Gas Station – (760) 872-1224
BPDC (Bishop Paiute Development Corporation) – (760) 872-4172
CDD (community Development Department) – (760) 872-4356
Head Start – (760) 872-3911
TERO (Tribal Employment Rights Office) - (760) 873-7893
COVID-19 testing will continue to be available daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. through ABMED at the Toiyabe Indian Health Clinic located at 250 See Vee Lane.
The tribe currently has two active cases in quarantine, and one case resolved. All potential risks have been contact traced with one in quarantine who may have been exposed last Tuesday, and is experiencing no symptoms to date. The tribe urges members to continue to observe basic safety protocols including proper social distancing, proper wearing of masks, regular hand washing, and limiting contact with people outside of the household.