Bronco Football fundraiser takes a brick-by-brick approach

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Bronco Football is launching a new fundraiser. Team members are asking alumni, fans and friends to help them complete a pathway at John Schwab Field. Every brick purchased will help the team complete a walkway from the snack shack to the bleachers. The team see this as an excellent opportunity to honor its wonderful alumni and fans.

The pandemic has severely impacted Bronco Football's fundraising efforts. Many of their normal opportunities are not available. With community help, this effort will allow the team to continue to operate the Bronco Football Program at a championship level.

"We are calling on our alumni and fans to help us through this tough financial time," Head coach Arnie Palu stated in a release. "All proceeds will help purchase protective equipment, such as helmets and shoulder pads.You not only help us, but also help leave a lasting mark at John Schwab football field.

Both 4x4 and 4x8 inch bricks are available. Donors can customize their bricks to honor a former Bronco athlete, teammate, or fan. The link to the online ordering site is below.