Construction work continues on N. Sierra Highway

Terrance Vestal
Managing Editor

City of Bishop Public Works Department Director Deston Dishion said Monday that the installation of a new 12-inch water main that will provide water to the North Sierra Highway corridor could be completed by the end of the week.
The project begins at the intersection of Home and Sierra Streets and extends west to the end of Sierra Street. From there the water line extends north along the bike path to U.S. Highway 395 and then turns east until it reaches the Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fairgrounds boundary.
Dishion said V&C Construction, out of Minden, Nevada, which the city contracted with for the project, “ are well on their way right now.”
Dishion said the crew started at Home and Sierra and has moved down Sierra, completed the length of the bike path and has headed east up U.S. Highway 395 on the south side and were nearly to Bishop Veterinary Hospital earlier this week. The project ends at the eastern edge of the veterinary hospital.
Dishion said the crew installed 980 feet of pipe in a day last Thursday.
“That’s the first time I’ve seen that in my career,” he said. “So this project will probably wrap up as far as construction by the end of the week.”
Once construction is complete, Dishion said the waterline will be disinfected, flushed and put into service.
City officials have said that they hope with a waterline in place, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, which owns much of the land surrounding the area, might be amenable to divesting the real estate for private use and development. This could pave the way for economic development in that area in the future.
Dishion said the waterline will be located near the sidewalk that Caltrans has planned for the near future and will be easily accessible to hookups as the area continues to develop.
“We won’t be tearing things up to connect to the waterline,” Dishion said.