Election Day arrives

Staff Writer

Kammi Foote, Inyo County clerk/recorder and registrar of voters, said Inyo County residents who are not registered to vote can go to a polling place today and cast their ballots.
“You can also change your party on Election Day,” Foote said. “So if someone goes to the polls, they can re-register and receive a regular ballot.”
This is a first for California with the legislation signed into law about three weeks ago, Foote said.
Most of the voters in Inyo County use the mail box rather than the ballot box to vote, Foote said.
She said 75 percent of voters in the county received a ballot in the mail. Of those, as of Saturday, Foote’s office received 3,100 ballots back. The 4,000 voters sill out there with ballots can drop them off at any polling place up until 8 p.m. today or drop it off at the post office before it closes to get a time stamp.
Those who have voted for a candidate who has dropped out of a primary race can change their choice if they have not mailed their ballots in yet. Foote said there is no way to retrieve a ballot after it has been cast.
Polling places in Inyo County include the Heritage Arts building at the Tri-County Fairgrounds, the Bishop Paiute Professional Building at 50 Tu Su Lane, Big Pine Town Hall, the Independence Courthouse and Statham Hall in Lone Pine. For more information, call (760) 878-0224.