Human skeleton found near Whitney

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Remains likely decades old

The remains of a person, including some of the bones of a human skeleton and decaying leather boots and belt, found high on the slopes of Mount Williamson by hikers earlier this month, have not been matched to any missing person at this time and is likely more than 50 years old.
According to the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office, the bones, found sun-bleached and white on Oct. 7 by two hikers, have been transported now to the coroner’s office, where they are being examined in an attempt to find out the identity of the deceased person.
The bones were found on the steep slopes of one of the Sierra’s highest peaks, Mt. Williamson. Williamson is located north of Mt. Whitney and east of the community of Lone Pine on the Sierra crest.
The bones were found “on the far side of what is called the Williamson Bowl,” according to the sheriff’s office, which is located “above the sixth lake,” in the bowl.
Once the hikers told the sheriff’s office about the bones, on Oct. 16, a “H-80 helicopter was able to insert a Inyo County Sheriff’s Office investigator and the remains were successfully transported to the Lone Pine Airport where custody was transferred to the Inyo County Coroner.
“It is believed that the body may have been in the area for some time, even decades,” according to Inyo County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Carma Roper. “Anyone with information on a missing person in this area is encouraged to contact the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office.”
The office can be reached at (760) 873-7887.