Inyo County continues aggressive vaccine rollout schedule

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Inyo County, in partnership with Northern Inyo Healthcare District (NIHD) and Southern Inyo Healthcare District (SIHD) has quickly vaccinated the majority of the Priority 1A population and has already used nearly all of the vaccine on hand in the County.

“Though you read national news reports where only a portion of vaccine has been allocated and used, that is not true in our region,” says Dr. Jim Richardson, the Inyo County Health Officer. “Through dedicated partnership with our local hospitals, we have managed to reach nearly every 1A person who has wanted to sign up with a vaccine, and plan to start rolling out vaccine to 1B populations as soon as new vaccine is allocated to Inyo – hopefully as soon as next week.”

Marilyn Mann, director of Inyo County Department of Health and Human Services added, “Inyo County Health and Human Services is especially grateful to our Northern Inyo Healthcare District partners for not only receiving and storing the Pfizer vaccines for both Inyo and Mono counties, but for also coordinating with our agency to aggressively roll-out vaccine distribution to our Priority 1A population. Their commitment to high volume distribution allowed us to move quickly into the lower tiers of 1A, including non-clinical staff at both hospital facilities. Our partnership is greatly appreciated!”

The 1A population, which is almost complete, consists entirely of health care workers, medical first responders, and residents of skilled nursing and long term care facilities. The 1B population is much larger and is broken into two tiers. Tier 1B(1) includes non-medical first responders, teachers, childcare workers, front line workers in the food and agriculture industries, and people over the age of 75. People who are eligible for 1B(1) vaccination due to their work will be contacted by the Public Health Department through their workplaces. This includes non-medical first responders, teachers, childcare workers, front line workers in food and agriculture industries. People who may be eligible due to age will be vaccinated through public health or through their primary care provider. When vaccine becomes available to begin this process, the county will notify the public within the next two weeks.

"Inyo County is well ahead of the rest of the state when it comes to vaccinations, and we could not do it without the dedicated partnership of our local hospital systems," according to an Inyo County Emergency Operations release on Wednesday. " We will continue to partner with our local hospitals and other health care providers to move vaccine into the community as quickly as possible."

Every citizen can do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19: wear a face covering when engaging with anyone not in living in your home; wash your hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds – use hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available; and, maintain physical distance of 6 feet or more from people who do not live in your home whenever possible.