INYO350 plans Earth Day events

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INYO350’s theme for celebrating and honoring Earth Day in 2021 will be “Earth Day Begins At Home.”
During the month of April the local nonprofit will be sharing practical information to raise awareness of what area residents can do at home and in their daily lives to reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainable lifestyles.
INYO350 will host a virtual presentation at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 6, to discuss topics such as what can be recycled in the Eastern Sierra, how and where is recycling taking place in the area and what does the future of recycling look like and what are the alternatives.
Kendra Knight, the sustainability coordinator for Waste Connections, will be making the presentation and answering questions. Waste Connections is the parent company for both Bishop Waste and Mammoth Disposal. Knight will discuss the frequent changes in recycling and where Eastern Sierra recycling ends up. She also will talk about ways individuals can make a difference and live a lifestyle that produces less trash and fewer “throw-aways.” She promises to answer questions from virtual presentation participants and have some fun “while talking trash!”
For more information and the Zoom link, visit the INYO350 website at
For more information about Earth Day events, call (760) 937-8081.