Joe Henley bringing 'new roots' to Millpond

Jo Henley is not a person. Rather, Joe Henley is a Boston roots-rock band formed by longtime musical collaborators Andy Campolieto and Ben Lee, known for their unique blend of rock, folk, country and bluegrass that their fans affectionately refer to as “new roots.”  
Inspired by everything from old-timey music to modern arena rock, from Hank Williams to Bruce Springsteen, Campolieto’s and Lee’s mutual love of all forms of American music shines through in Joe Henley. 
Fans and the uninitiated alike will have the chance to catch Joe Henley live in concert later this month when the group performs at the 19th Annual Millpond Music Festival outside of Bishop.
The roots-rock ensemble is slated to take the main stage at 3:20 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 18.
The Inyo Council for the Arts, longtime organizer of the Millpond Music Festival, is a big fan of Joe Henley, but certainly not the only one.
Michael Hochanadel of the Daily Gazette says, “It has guitars, fiddle and a spry rhythm section with a thumping lope. And it has really, really good songs.”
The reference is to 2006’s debut EP “Long Way Home,” but it’s a description that reflects the very essence of the band. Live, Jo Henley is known for exciting, high-energy sets that showcase their carefully crafted songs and sparkling instrumental prowess.
In 2008, Jo Henley recorded and released their first full-length record, “Sad Songs and Alcohol.” A 12-track collection of tattered tales of lost love and broken dreams told against a backdrop of acoustic guitars, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, train beats and weepy steel guitars, the self-released album found Jo Henley in top form and sent ripples throughout the roots music scene. “Sad Songs and Alcohol” caught on with listeners across the country, spending close to six months in national Americana charts’ (AMAs) top 100 – without any label support.  Over the next year, the band toured up and down the East Coast and out west to California, building a passionate fanbase along the way.
For their follow-up to “Sad Songs and Alcohol,” Jo Henley decided to capitalize on their quickly spreading buzz.  They took their best new material to date, teamed up with producer Rob Loyot (Girls, Guns & Glory), and swung for the fences.  Having long since wanted to bridge the rootsy Americana sound they’ve become known for with their love of jamband music, Campolieto and Lee turned to three longstanding members of Phish’s Trey Anastasio’s solo band: drummer Russ Lawton, keyboardist Ray Paczkowski and bassist Tony Markellis, a versatile backing unit that Campolieto fondly compares to as the modern-day The Band. Jo Henley’s own Jordan Santiago rounds out the record’s core lineup on fiddle and mandolin. Featuring 11 original heart- and road-weary story songs that showcase an ensemble capable of shifting  from straight-ahead rock to honky-tonk to R&B on the drop of a dime, “Inside Out” boasts the kind of inspired songwriting and musicianship that is expected to put Jo Henley squarely on the national map in 2010 and beyond.   
In the meantime, fans can find Jo Henley – Campolieto, Lee, Santiago, bassist Jeremy Foti and drummer Mike Dingley – performing up and down the East Coast, out west and in a town near you.
To hear samples of their music, follow this link:
Also, more information about the 19th Annual Millpond Music Festival is available at the Inyo Council for the Arts at (760) 873-8014; see schedules and updates online at