Meadow Farms ADA preferred project alternative chosen

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The California Department of Transportation has selected a preferred alternative for the Meadow Farms project located on U. S. Highway 395 near the city of Bishop, from North See Vee Lane to North Barlow Lane, the agency announced on Wednesday.
The preferred alternative arose in consultation with the community, Inyo County, the Bishop Paiute Tribe, and the city of Bishop. A draft environmental document was prepared for circulation in April 2020 and a public meeting was held where three alternatives were proposed, and public comment was received. From the public comments two additional alternatives were developed.
Caltrans circulated a second draft environmental document and conducted a second public meeting in November to discuss all five alternatives. After discussion with agency partners and receiving public comment, Alternative 4A was chosen as it will provide ADA accessibility, complete streets features and improve safety while balancing the needs of the community, according to Caltrans. 
The Meadow Farms project alternative 4A will include two lanes in each direction, a center two-way turn lane, a pedestrian-activated signal and painted crosswalk, and will modify each side of the highway with additional access in the following ways:
•On the northbound side of the highway, a shoulder will be constructed for advanced cyclists and a shared use sidewalk for pedestrians and cyclists. No on-street parallel parking will be allowed on the northbound side.
• On the southbound side of the highway, there will be a parallel parking lane and a shared use sidewalk for pedestrians and cyclists. 
•An off-street parking lot will not be developed with this alternative.