Millpond Music Fest continues to draw the eclectic

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Festival lineup to include The Bills, Connor and Dalton, Sage Romero

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Editor’s note: This is the fourth of five in an ongoing series of performer bios for the 2019 festival.

The Bills
The Bills are renowned for their instrumental virtuosity, lush vocal arrangements, evocative songwriting and a refreshing sound that transcends musical boundaries and defies simple categorization.
Strings, bellows, keys, voices, skin and bows – these are the vehicles for The Bills’ unique sonic approach. With individual band members sporting world-class credentials in folk/roots, jazz, classical and world music, The Bills truly are a Canadian acoustic music super-group, and their combined creative studio talent and explosive live shows have made them legendary folk/roots entertainers. Whether spinning on your recorded playlist, entertaining an intimate theatre audience or rocking a festival crowd of 10,000, these five gifted multi-instrumentalists are masters at somehow leaving listeners breathless and revitalized all at once.

Connor and Dalton
Connor and Dalton first played in Bishop at the Whiskey Creek in the fall of 1976. They quickly developed an enthusiastic fan base and continued to play at the Creek and Paradise Lodge through the summer of 1981.
Dan Connor is a Bishop-based singer/songwriter/guitarist and is one-half of the local duo String Theory. Bass-player Larry Dalton lives in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and performs regularly with a bluegrass band, a gypsy jazz trio and a symphony orchestra. Dan and Larry developed a distinctively percussive style - “a lot of sound for just two people.” In addition to being a high-energy dance band, they drew in their audience with musical finesse and sensitivity, and they were always good for a laugh. (They’re going to resurrect their Gong Show number for Millpond this year).
Though they haven’t played together in four decades, they’ve each continued playing professionally and have had a blast dusting off old things and polishing up new ones in preparation for Millpond. Their guests will be Larry’s wife, Barb, on fiddle, and Greg Smith, Dan’s String Theory partner, on guitar. Although many people in Bishop share a history with Connor and Dalton, it’s not required in order to enjoy this outstanding group.

Sage Romero and the AkaMya Culture Group
Sage Andrew Romero is a member of the Tovowahamatu Numu (Big Pine Paiute) and Tuah-Tahi (Taos Pueblo) tribes. He is an accomplished hoop dancer, flutist, artist and motivational speaker and has traveled internationally sharing the culture of his people through song, story, dance and art. Sage also strives to be a positive role model for the Native youth and lives a life of sobriety away from drugs and alcohol with the creation of the AkaMya Culture Group. Utilizing traditional teachings along with contemporary means, the group strives to promote wellness and healing through positive action. AkaMya is currently constructing the first Indigenous Dance, Culture and Media Center in Big Pine, so that they have a secure place to learn, develop and create within the community. 
The Millpond Music Festival is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Sept. 20-22, at the Millpond County Park. Tickets and more information are available at Inyo Council for the Arts: (760) 873-8014, visit, or visit 137 S. Main St. in Bishop.