Playhouse 395 goes ‘Into the Woods”

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Playhouse 395 has announced the cast for its Spring 2018 show, Stephen Sondheim and David Lapine’s “Into The Woods.”
In this Broadway classic, the story is told, with the help of a Narrator (Dave Hardin), of a baker and his wife (Jesse Steele and Amy Hemler) who are trying to undo a curse set upon them by the witch (Yvonne Mills).
The witch is, of course, the mother of Rapunzel (Rhianna Carter) who has her prince (Brandon Fitt).
Meanwhile, Cinderella (Laura Whiteside) is going into the woods to consult with her deceased mother (Susan Kunze) for a way to go to the ball.
Little Red Ridinghood (Jeniffer Velazquez) is going to see her grandmother (Grace Griego) when accosted by the Wolf (Chris Carter).
Jack (Jordan Kost) is told by his mother (Angela Calloway) that he must sell his cow (Kenji Kawaguchi).
And they all go into the woods to seek their wishes.
Cinderella, of course has her prince (Ryan Mills), and her family who come into play.
The royal steward (Christy Jennings) lends a hand. The stepmother (Allison Peeler), and two stepsisters, Lucinda (Diana Bodine) and Florinda (Nina Potter), along with Cinderella’s father (Dylan Fitt) are suitably unkind to her.
And there is a mysterious man (Curt Mulder) who lurks around the woods, popping up asking strange questions to add to the suspense.
And, of course, no proper fairy tale would be complete without ponies (Ella Boehme and Rachel Fitt) to pull Cinderella’s carriage, woodland creatures, (Ashley Fitt, Melanie Allen and Marjorie Cashbaugh) and villager (Abby Stoiber).
There are even cameo appearances by Snow White (Alexia Craven), Sleeping Beauty (Amy Gaudet), and the Three Little Pigs (Caleb Fitt, Teagan Orr, and Ajia Saunders).
These five classic fairy tales weave themselves together into a funny, fanciful, and most exciting tale of magic, seeking of wishes and later, seeking of protection from the giant (voice of Martha Reynolds), where all the characters work together to protect Jack and have a story that ends happily ever after.
“Into the Woods” does have some adult themes, and is definitely not just for children. But children will love it! It is rated by Musical Theater International as PG-13.