Sheriff reports on ICE activity to county

By Terrance Vestal
Managing Editor

At its Tuesday meeting, the Inyo County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing to consider a report from Inyo County Sheriff Jeff Hollowell regarding 2018 interactions and communications with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Hollowell explained to the board that this is a new requirement under state law.
The sheriff’s office received four detainers from ICE during 2018.
Hollowell said when a subject is booked at the jail, fingerprints are taken. If the subject is a criminal alien that has been flagged by ICE, the agency automatically gets a notification. ICE, in turn, attempts to determine if it is the same subject they are looking for. If it is, ICE sends a detainer. This process can take a few hours.
When the sheriff’s office receives a detainer from ICE, the inmate is given a copy of the detainer and provided a Truth Act Form 2 indicating whether the sheriff’s office intends to comply with the request.
“We do comply with ICE notification requests, we DO NOT comply with detainer requests,” Hollowell said. “I am well aware these are not warrants signed by a judge, hence the reason we do not comply with the detainers.”
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