State’s Southern Region, including Inyo, placed on stay-at-home order

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The California Department of Public Health on Saturday issued a regional stay-at-home order for the Southern Region, which includes Inyo County.
The order was triggered when the region’s hospital intensive care unit (ICU) capacity fell below 15% to less than 13% of ICU bed availability in the region. The stay-at-home order remains in effect for a minimum of three weeks.
This limited closure, according to the agency, will help stop the surge on the area’s hospitals and prevent overwhelming the regional ICU capacity, which Inyo County relies heavily on to meet the needs of critical care patients.
Limited ICU capacity can result in local hospitals not being able to transfer critical care patients (e.g. traumatic brain injuries, stroke victims, cardiac care …) to hospitals able to provide the specialty care. The stay-at-home order instructs Californians to remain home as much as possible and prohibits gatherings of any kind, including the mixing of households in a private setting. It encourages outdoor activities and allows access to critical services. The order went into effect on Sunday, Dec. 6, at 11:59 p.m. at which time the following sectors were to close:
•Indoor/outdoor playgrounds and indoor recreational facilities
•Hair salons/barbershops
•Personal care services
•Limited services
•Family entertainment centers, as well as amusement parks and movie theaters
• Museums, zoos, and aquariums
•Live audience sports
•Cardrooms and satellite wagering
•Bars, breweries, distilleries, and wineries
•All other indoor, non-critical infrastructure industries not specifically listed above
Sectors that need to implement additional modifications to capacity and will require 100% masking include:
•Outdoor recreational facilities (no food, drink or alcohol sales) - Overnight stays at campgrounds not permitted.
•Retail and shopping centers – Indoor capacity reduced to 20% with entrance metering
•Hotels/lodging – open for critical infrastructure support only
•Restaurants – open for take-out or delivery only
•Office - Remote only except for critical infrastructure sectors where remote working is not possible
•Places of worship and political expression – Outdoor only
•Entertainment production, including professional sports – operate with no live audience and include testing protocol
All critical infrastructure sectors remain open under current modifications. For more information and to monitor updates, view contact the Business Line at (760) 878-8241.