Sterling Heights to shut its doors

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The management team from Sierra Country Club Inc., the parent company of Sterling Heights Assisted Living Community in Bishop, has announced that the independent and assisted living facility will be closing its doors within the next few months.
Chief Operations Officer Mary Roberts, Executive Director Alicia Smith and Annette Barnes lead the team that has begun “the painful process of informing the residents, family members and staff members,” according to a company release Wednesday.
The company states that the past few years have been a struggle, and now adding to that has been the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“The management team and key stakeholders have tried to do everything in their power to find solutions to keep the doors open and provide quality care to their residents,” according to the company. “Like many businesses, (Sterling Heights has) been hit hard with both staffing losses and increasing costs of running the building.”
Despite their best efforts, management team members acknowledge that there are no other viable options available at this time, but to close the senior care community and help the residents relocate.
The Sterling Heights’ team understands that this will impact both their residents, family members, and the Bishop community at large, the company states. They have thoughtfully and carefully prepared a plan to move forward in the best ways possible. They greatly appreciate the support that the city has provided to their seniors and staff over these many years. They look forward to the continued support from the community and the city of Bishop.
Smith said Thursday that Sterling Heights was currently serving 14 residents. She said she was not authorized to comment further.
Sterling Heights has served the Bishop community for more than 20 years, providing independent and assisted living as well as respite care.