Tintabulations Handbell Ensemble returns to the area

Staff Writer

Comprised of a highly talented, widely diverse group of musicians who represent a varied range of ages, backgrounds and experiences, members come together from a vast geographical area, forming the diamond of northern Nevada, the Tintabulations Handbell Ensemble.
The group will be performing at 1 p.m. June 29 at the Church on the Mountain, 384 South Landing Road, Crowley Lake, and at 7 p.m. June 29 at the First United Methodist Church, 205 N. Fowler St., Bishop.
Enthralling audiences throughout the world the Reno-based group is in its 22nd year of merry music making. Beginning as a group of ambitious middle school students, under the love and direction of internationally acclaimed founder/director, Barb Walsh, “Tintab” continues to grow and develop, now a source of innovation and respect globally.
A hypnotic sight is the stunning flash of highly polished bronze as the bells appear to fly effortlessly through the air. Throughout their concert Tintabulations enthusiastically shares their passion and high level of skill with eager and appreciative audiences. Their mastery of handbell performance is rapturous as they bring both an audible and visual art form to life.
Unlike an orchestra or vocal choir in which each musician is responsible for one line of musical texture, each musician in a handbell ensemble is solely responsible for playing their specifically assigned bells/notes. The well-practiced efforts of each handbell musician meld into a resonant presentation, with all bells coming together as one lush instrument.
This concert series finds them presenting several tantalizing performances throughout northern Nevada and California. All concerts are posted on their website, www.tintabulations.com and their Facebook page. For an unforgettably delightful musical experience join Tintabulations for their 2019 Spring-Summer concert presentation, “Every Time A Bell Rings.”
The concerts are suitable for all ages and are free. Donations are accepted.