Transcendental Meditations: The Geometry of Creation

Staff Writer

The Project Room at Independent Project Press is thrilled to announce the opening of “Transcendental Meditations: The Geometry of Creation,” a two person exhibition of transcendent art by two of Los Angeles’ prominent minimalist artists, Barbara Kerwin and Eric Zammitt.
The opening reception will be from 3 - 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 20, concurrent with the The Downtown Bishop Chocolate Art Walk. The exhibition runs through Jan. 5, 2019.
This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the intimate juxtaposition of sublime works by these two contemporary artists. Each artist has mastered their own unique vision and methodology to express deeply meaningful and mysterious concepts through the language of order and geometry. The works of both of these artistsare equally and infinitely mysterious, refined, quiet, meditative and transcendental.
Kerwin speaks about her paintings as expressing “a love of systems and a catalogue of feelings, nuance and measurement. The paintings mark time and its passage. The work is labor intensive, utilizing dozens of layers of paint. The works in this exhibit are part of her “Wealth and Benefits” series – works of complex, geometric patterns utilizing the rectangle as a motif applied to her long standing interest in economic systems. The paintings are created with acrylic, oil, or other mediums such as oil in high-melt waxes, each medium being chosen for how it will fulfill the need of each work.
Kerwin received her MFA in painting and sculpture from Claremont Graduate University and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her works are collected widely, enjoyed in such prominent collections as the Peter Thiel Collection and the Paul Allen collection. Her work can be viewed online at
Kerwin will present a workshop on geometric reduction and color theory during the final week of the exhibit. For further details contact The Project Room at Independent Project Press.
In his own words, Eric Zammitt’s work “alludes to the dynamics and interplay of dual elements; matter/energy, spirit/body, emotion/intellect. It is simultaneously about our gestalt experience of the drama and beauty of creation, and our intellectual fascination with its parts and how they relate to create a whole.” According to Zammitt, “one of the ways I find of expressing this interplay is by compounding complexes of patterned color into synergistic wholes. Color and pattern are primal to our history and survival. They touch parts of us that are archetypal, rooted in nature, and infinitely curious. I employ abstraction and minimalism as ways to bypass the literal and go directly to metaphor, emotion, and the ineffable. At the same time, like classical music, which integrates intellect and emotion, the works are based in structure, rhythm, and a form of logic. The works are often associated with energy fields, music, quantum and string theory, weaving, land and seascapes, genetics, and other similar concepts.
Jeff Davis, a writer for the Pasadena Independent, visited Zammitt’s studio last year and wrote eloquently about Eric’ art and process: “To construct the wall works, the towers are sliced into long slats, and again into sticks that can then be arranged into new designs. As you stare at the works, patterns start to emerge: Waves of light, a sense of energy and the DNA double helix are common elements in many of the wall pieces. Others seem to evoke feelings of music, time and digital pixilation even though they are analog (hand built) constructions.
Zammitt’s work is widely exhibited and is collected internationally. His work is included in such prestigious collections as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster.
Eric Zammitt’s work can be viewed online at
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