Two arrested in Missouri in connection with the January Shell station shooting in Bishop

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Two individuals were arrested earlier this month in Missouri in connection to a shooting in Bishop in January that left a would-be carjacker dead, his accomplice arrested and a local man who defended himself wounded, according to the Bishop Police Department.

Back in January, William Harold Blankenship, 55, of Kern County, targeted a Bishop man for robbery at the Shell Gas Station in Bishop and was killed after the Bishop man, who had a concealed carry permit, returned fire. The Bishop man, who was not identified, was injured. Brandee Trujillo of the Bakersfield area was arrested later as an accomplice in the crime after she attempted to flee the scene and faces a number of charges including attempted murder, attempted robbery, attempted carjacking and conspiracy.

Bishop Police Chief Ted Stec said Thursday that during the course of the ongoing investigation the Bishop Police Department was able to develop probable cause linking Anna Bowlan (aka:Arnold) and Ryan Arnold to this crime. The department learned the suspects had left the area and arrest warrants were obtained and placed in the national database.

On Oct. 2, law enforcement in Missouri located the Arnolds and arrested them for the BPD. After the normal extradition process, the Arnolds were transported to the Inyo County Jail. Both are facing robbery and conspiracy charges.

Stec said the two were not at the scene during the shooting but helped plan the robbery, adding that this was not a spontaneous incident.

The investigation continues. Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to contact the BPD at (760) 873-5866.